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energetic_heart's Journal

Jason Clarke (City of Houston)
30 August
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Space City, Energy Capital of the World, The Big Heart


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Place - City of Houston, Texas
Human Name - Jason Clarke
Founded - August 30, 1836

Played By - Derek Stiles, Trauma Center series

Personality - Houston is pretty outgoing, caring, generally friendly to a fault, and, in a nutshell, an eternal student. Education, health care, and energy are his top issues he likes to deal with, and he actually enjoys working when it involves them. Anything else, and he tends to drag his feet. He is one of those people who will put off a paper they don't want to do until the night before and then do it all in one sitting (and consequently swear to never do it again, but lo and behold, the very next paper...). He henpecks the people he cares about about their health- Texas and his smoking and drinking and general dangerous habits are top on this list, followed closely by his brothers and sisters. He is fairly sensistive and gets nervous or frightened easily. This doesn't tend to manifest at all when he is operating or doing some type of work- He has complete confidence in his ability. It pretains more to people, especially those he does not know.

He is paranoid of people he doesn't know, personally or at by reputation. He is easily influenced and led along, and naieve, despite his age. If someone makes something sound good, then by God, he'll follow them til he gets bitten in the ass for it. He has a great fear of fire and conflict, and, to a lesser extent, hurricanes. He has been through so many, it's almost routine, but it's a routine that sends a chill up his spine.

History - Houston was founded on August 30, 1836, and named for Sam Houston. He was actually founded by a couple of native New Yorkers, John Kirby Allen and Augustus Chapman Allen.

Houston's early history was turbulent, and he was easily led by the big ideas and hopes of others. This is a big part of what caused him to try fo rbeing the capital and engaging in the Archive Wars. He backed off however when he realized the devastating effect it was having on Austin however.

In the 1850s, industry really started to take off in the area. Shipping, iron works, rail ways, and it kept expanding. A huge fire destroyed a good portion of the city in 1859, and left Houston with burn scars all all over the left side of his body, but the city rebuilt and kept on truckin'. During the Civil War, Houston's economy suffered from being blockaded, but again the city recovered, and even hosted the Texas State Fair from 1870 to 1878.

The early 1900s would mark a great period of growth for Houston. The discovery of oil at Spindletop created a brand new industry. Immigrants poured in and universities were established- It's a time he remembers fondly. Through the centruy, industries would grow and become more and more sophisticated. Houston is a place known for education, technology, top notch health care, science, space, and culture. Nothing has yet to stop the city, from wars to fires to hurricanes and tropical storms.

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